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Main Courses

From the Sirloin Steak to the Mediterranean Salad & Italian Pasta’s, plus a variety of reliable classics, we have got you covered.

Antipasti (Starters)

Antipasto Misto

Start your dining experience the Italian way with a shared platter: selected Italian & local delicacies, cured meats, boccocini, marinated olives, artichokes, tapenade & pesto. Served with Formaggio’s Italian-style breads 32.5
*Divine paired with Prosecco or a Peroni*

Arancini Siciliani [v]

We crumb then lightly fry our taleggio & roasted red pepper risotto balls. Served with smoky tomato aioli 14.5

Chargrilled Chilli Calamari [gf, df]

Served with capers, Kalamata olives, tomato, mixed leaves, chilli, garlic and lemon 17.5

Baked & Marinated Italian Olives [gf, v, vegan]

Succulent Kalamata & green Sicilian olives marinated with lemon, chilli, garlic and rosemary 10.9

Funghi Ripieni [gf, v]

Luscious baked Portobello mushrooms filled with ricotta, sundried tomato, basil capsicum coulis & olives 14.5

The Chowder

Saffron infused with fresh fish, prawns, mussels, smoked salmon & vegetables. Served with grilled ciabatta 15.9

Pane (Breads)

Bruschetta Classica [v, vegan]

Toasted focaccia topped with tomato, garlic, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar reduction 14.5

Pizza Bread [v, gfa]

Our signature pizza bread; baked with the delicious combination of garlic, cheese, chilli & pesto 13.0

Pane all’Aglio [v]

Formaggio’s ciabatta baked with garlic & herb butter 10.5

Piatti Principali (Mains)

Melanzane Al Forno [gf, v, vegan]

Our vegan take on a classic North Italian dish. Eggplant layered with mushrooms, artichoke, fresh tomato, basil & Angel Food’s parmesan alternative. Baked with Napoli sauce and served with a side salad 29.5

Chicken Parmigiana

A classic! Crumbed chicken breast topped with ham, Napoli sauce and baked with cheese. Served with potato gratin and salad 29.5

Beer Battered Blue Cod

Fillets of Blue Cod battered and fried, served with tartare sauce, Formaggio’s fries and fresh lemon. Accompanied by a side salad 26.5

Monkfish & Prosciutto [gf]

Fillet of monkfish wrapped in prosciutto and pan-fried. Served with a chorizo & sweet pea risotto and topped with salsa Italiana 34.5

Braised Canterbury Lamb [gf]

Canterbury lamb marinated with confit garlic and thyme. Served with creamy truffled polenta, caramelised shallots & Italian vegetables.


NZ’s finest beef, aged for a minimum of 28 days

~ Supplied by Traiteur of Merivale ~

Sirloin [gf]

Aged marbled sirloin grilled to your liking. Served with rosemary potatoes and chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables, watercress and with a red wine & thyme jus 35.5


Tuscan Tagliatelle [gfa, v, vegan]

Distinctive ribbons of pasta with tofu, grilled artichoke, eggplant & zucchini – a Mediterranean delight 24.5

Spaghetti Bolognese [gfa]

Bolognese sauce originates from Bologna. Our hearty ragu is prepared with organic beef & pork from Traiteur 23.9

Spaghetti Roberto [gfa]

A Formaggio’s favourite. Spiiiicy Italian sausage, chicken meatballs in a tomato, basil & garlic sauce 24.9

Cannelloni Fiorentina [v]

… oodles of spinach, ricotta and parmesan baked with Napoli sauce. Served with seasonal vegetables 23.9

Le Lasagne

Layers of delicious ragu Bolognese and bechamel sauce, served with a side salad 24.9

Fettuccine Carbonara [gfa]

Smoked streaky bacon, sautéed with Portobello mushroom in a rich cream, egg yolk & parmesan sauce 24.9

Fettuccine Posillipo [gfa]

Prawns, scallops, squid & mussels sautéed with garlic, chilli, tomato & vino bianco 26.9

Braised Beef Ravioli

Slow-braised beef short rib ravioli in a creamy Portobello mushroom & roast capsicum sauce 26.5

Risotto – Gnocchi

Gnocchi Piselli & Zucca

House-made potato gnocchi with pumpkin, chargrilled zucchini and peas, finished with goat cheese, crispy sage & pinenuts 24.9

Gnocchi Verde

House made potato gnocchi with smoked chicken, chorizo & zucchini. Served with a light, creamy basil pesto sauce and garnished with parmesan 24.9

Risotto ai Funghi [gf, v]

Rich and creamy mushroom risotto with porcini, Portobello & truffle oil 24.9

Insalate (Salad)

Formaggio’s Salad [gf, df, v]

Mixed salad leaves with Kalamata olives, pickled red onion & cucumber, goat feta, capsicum, cherry tomatoes served with balsamic dressing 19.5

– Add smoked chicken or salmon 6

Goat Cheese, Prosciutto & Walnut Salad [gf, df]

Goat cheese, prosciutto, baby beetroot leaves, rocket and candied walnuts 18.5

Del Pastore [gf, vf, d]

Pecorino romano cheese, fresh pear, iceberg lettuce, baby spinach and roasted hazelnuts 18.5

Contorni (Sides)

Della Casa [gf, df, v]

House salad of mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber, carrot, capsicum, spring onion & Balsamic dressing 10.5

Formaggio’s Fries

Crispy beer-battered potato fries with aioli and tomato sauce … of course 9.5

Truffled Polenta Chips [v]

Crispy, soft centred golden polenta chips with aioli 10.5

Duck Fat Potatoes [gf, df]

The world’s best roast potatoes, cooked in duck fat with rosemary and sea-salt until golden and crunchy 10.5

Side of Seasonal Vegetables [gf, v]

Verdure di Stagione, defined by chef’s whim and seasons 10.5

You might need to know …
If you have an allergy or dietary restriction, please inform your wait-staff before ordering

Decode the acronymn
v = vegetarian
df = dairy-free
gf = gluten-free
gfa = gluten-free on request

We offer gluten free options however our kitchen is not a ‘gluten-free zone’ therefore we cannot guarantee an ingredient or dish is completely free of allergens.